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Easy Kids' Bedroom Updates With Lighting

Kids spend a lot of time in their rooms, so they should enjoy their space. And, having a great lighting design can make their bedroom cozy and comfortable. M&M Lighting is a Houston-area lighting store that offers the best indoor and outdoor lighting, including for kids' bedrooms. Learn some easy kids' bedroom lighting updates, and stop by today!

photo of wall sconces over a bed

Sconce Wall Lights

Children spend a lot of time playing in their beds, so having great lighting can help their imaginings come to life. Wall lights hung by your child's bedside make riveting task lighting for your child, and sconce lights work really well here.

photo of nightlights over bunk beds

Night Lights

Many children are scared of the dark, especially when they are asleep in their own rooms. By adding a fun night light in a favorite shape, such as a dinosaur or a princess, for your kids' room home renovation, your child can feel safe at night. Ask a lighting designer for ideas today.

photo of a floor lamp

Floor Lights

A recent trend is floor lighting because they provide the perfect amount of lighting to see at night, and they offer a unique vibe to your child's space. Choose LED floor lights for an even brighter feel. Speak to a lighting designer about our floor lighting options today.

photo of bed side table lamps

Nightstand Lamp

Perhaps the quintessential kids' lighting is the nightstand lamp. Lamps make great home renovations for kids' rooms because they come in many fun shapes and can be customized by the lamp shade. From cougars to dinosaurs, your child will love the lighting offered by this home update.


M&M Lighting has been your Houston go-to lighting store since 1961, providing you with the best possible lighting brands and selection. Let our expert lighting designers help you update your kids' room with the perfect lighting. Stop by today!

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