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Brighten Up Your Decor: Tips for Incorporating Colorful Lighting in Your Home

One of the simplest and most effective ways to add some personality and energy to your home is by incorporating colorful lighting. It can be an easy way to experiment with different shades and hues without making permanent changes, and it can significantly improve the mood and ambiance of your space. M&M Lighting offers a wonderful array of indoor and outdoor light fixtures at our Houston lighting showroom to make your living spaces functional and beautiful. Here are some tips for incorporating colorful lighting into your home decor, and shop with us today!

Bright Up Your Home Decor
Colorful bathroom sink and mirror

Choose Colorful Light Bulbs

The simplest and most affordable way to incorporate colorful lighting into your space is to switch out the light bulbs you use. You can find LED bulbs that offer a wide range of vibrant colors and hues, which can be used to enhance a specific part of the room or add color to your overhead lighting.


Colorful fixtures on table lamp

Focus on Specific Areas

Choose specific areas of your home, such as a cozy reading nook or a counter space in the kitchen, to infuse with colorful light. By having focal points, you can create a visual impact that will add depth and character to your room.


Bird shaped light fixture

Get Creative with Lighting Fixtures

Think beyond traditional lamp shades and light fixtures. Instead, consider making your own DIY lighting fixtures. You can use mason jars, lampshade frames, or colorful glass vases and turn them into beautiful custom lighting fixtures that will add personality and a unique touch to your decor. Don't forget all you can do with candles and candle holders, too, to make beautiful lighting you'll love. Shop at M&M Lighting in Houston today.

colorful room with sconce

Play with Contrast

Use colorful lighting to contrast with neutral surroundings, such as with white walls or a neutral-colored sofa, to create a statement piece. This can elevate the entire room with just a few simple, colorful lighting accents.

Ceiling lights set at unique angles

Experiment with Lighting Angles

The angle of the light can have a significant impact on how the colors of your space appear. Experiment with upward lighting, angled lighting, and spotlights, guiding the light to create unique shapes and patterns, that will help your room look more inviting and appealing.


There are many ways to incorporate colorful lighting into your home decor, from switching out light bulbs to creating your own custom lighting fixtures. By using these tips, you can brighten up your space, create a unique and inviting atmosphere, and add energy, personality, and color to your home. The possibilities are endless at M&M Lighting in Houston. Stop by and speak to a certified lighting designer for creative ideas today!


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