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Introduction to Energy Saving Fans

Immediately, with coupons saying "energy saving fans," you probably think of the benefit of saving money. Arguably, this is the most important benefit of energy saving fans. That being said, there are many other benefits you might not think about, along with some cons, too.

M&M Lighting has been serving the Houston area since 1961. Our family-owned and operated lighting store is here to ensure you have beautiful interior and exterior spaces you'll love. Light has the ability to brighten our lives, and not just because it enables us to see. It can improve our moods and even make us smile. Light is beautiful, and we love to help our customers find the beauty that speaks to them. Below, we'll take a look at the pros and cons of energy saving fans. Stop by our Houston lighting store today!

Modern bedroom with ceiling fan

Pro: Save You Money

When you use an energy saving fan with your AC unit, you can save a considerable amount of money. This is because you can raise the temperature of your thermostat for your AC unit, so it runs less frequently. Plus, sometimes you can shut off your AC unit completely and just use your ceiling fan to cool your space. Ceiling fans are less expensive, too. They cost less to maintain and repair, and you can argue they last longer.

Modern white ceiling fan with gold accents

Pro: Use Less Energy

Since your air conditioning uses a lot of energy and your energy saving fan uses a lot less, you'll use less energy over the long run. This is great for the environment. Not only will you conserve source materials and habitats, but you will also conserve carbon energy, saving this for future generations. Energy saving fans, we believe, are a win/win for everyone involved.

An office with a ceiling fan

Pro: Add Beauty to Your Home or Office Space

Energy saving fans come in dozens of styles and finishes to complement any space. You can choose from contemporary and traditional fans to fandeliers, which is a fan combined with a chandelier. Energy saving fans come with lights (choose LED light bulbs for an even greater savings), and they come in many colors, number of blades, and sizes. See our energy saving fan selection at M&M Lighting in Houston today.

Living area with two ceiling fans

Con: Only Cool People, Not Spaces

One of the cons of an energy saving fan is that it cools people, not spaces. Since energy saving fans work by moving air, and it's this wind-chill effect that makes us feel cooler, fans are only useful if you are in the room. While this is great, it can be a bummer if you want the temperature in your room to be cooler all around.

Living area with a ceiling fan with many blades

Con: Hard to Clean

If you admit it, you probably put off cleaning the blades of your ceiling fan or floor fan until the dust is thick. This is most definitely a detractor for many when it comes to energy saving fans. For the most part, you have to invest in special equipment, such as long wands, and you may even need a ladder if your ceilings are really tall.

Closeup of a silver metal ceiling fan

Con: Can Be Dangerous

If you have tall people in your family and low ceilings, ceiling fans can be dangerous when they walk in a room. Similarly, for floor fans, these can be dangerous to anyone on the floor, especially pets or children. While most fan blades are made from a plastic composite, when they are going full speed, they can cause significant injury.


M&M Lighting is proud to bring you the best in energy saving fans. At our lighting showroom in Houston, you can see many different varieties to decide which one is best in your space. If you visit us online, you can see hundreds of selections.

Our local lighting store in Houston is proud to serve both residential and commercial customers. Outside of your home, you spend the most time at work, so why not have beautiful spaces there, too? Along with lighting, we offer wonderful home accent pieces that can offer just the finishing touch you've been seeking. From clocks and bookends to plaques, prints, mirrors with lights, vases, and shelves, we've got your needs covered. 

Whether you are remodeling your home or office or just looking for a new table lamp, let our ALA-certified lighting designers help. Stop by, schedule a lighting consultation, or browse online today!

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