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Saving Space with Wall Sconces for Small Rooms

Wall sconces are an excellent lighting solution for small rooms. They save space by taking up minimal floor space and creating a streamlined look. In addition, they can be used to add warmth, visual interest, and depth to a small room. M&M Lighting offers wonderful wall sconces in many different styles, designs, and finishes at our Houston lighting showroom. Learn some of the ways in which wall sconces can be used in small spaces to make a big impact. Contact us today!

black wall sconce

Using Wall Sconces as Task Lighting

Wall Sconces are perfect for illuminating work areas in small rooms where tabletops and desks may not be available. For example, they can be used as task lighting for reading, working on a computer, or doing crafts in a small room.

golf wall sconce

Adding Visual Depth

In small rooms, mirrors are often used to create the illusion of a bigger space, but an additional trick is to use wall sconces. Sconces create visual depth with their protruding arms or shades, making the walls and the room seem bigger than it really is.

black wall sconces

Ambient Lighting

Wall Sconces are a great way to bring in soft lighting for intimate settings. They add a subtle, cozy touch to a small space and create a relaxing ambiance. With dimmable options or sconces with multiple bulbs, you can control the mood in a small room to suit any occasion.

wall sconces next to a mirror

Creating a Focal Point

Wall sconces can serve as a design focal point, drawing attention to your favorite art pieces or architectural features in the room. They can be used as a complementary source of lighting to highlight artwork on the walls and more.


Wall sconces are a practical, elegant, and space-saving lighting solution for small rooms. The lighting designers at M&M Lighting are here to help you have a beautiful space you'll love. We take the time to listen to your needs and make appropriate recommendations. Schedule a free consultation today!

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