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Transform Your Basement With Lighting

Many people think of basements as dark and dingy areas of their home that are spaces used for storage and maybe for the laundry. That being said, basements, no matter their purpose, can be made alive with lighting. Here at M&M Lighting, a lighting store in Houston, we've been helping local homeowners and business owners have the best possible lighting since 1961. Below, we'll offer up ideas on how to transform your basement with lighting. Stop by today!

Modern bedroom with ceiling fan

Create Your Own Skylights

Skylights are great types of lighting in homes because they let in abundant natural lighting. You can mimic that same effect and feel in your basement by using recessed lighting to mimic skylights. Simply elevate certain areas of your basement's ceiling and then install recessed lighting. You can change the temperature of the light bulbs to be either bright to mimic the sun or more subdued and warm for a wonderful, relaxing effect.

photo of pendants above a kitchen island

Use Pendant Lighting Over Your Bar

If you have a bar, a kitchen, or a dining room space, the best type of lighting is going to be pendant lighting. Pendant lighting offers fun and versatility all in one. Available in almost any style, finish, and size, you can truly customize the look and feel of your basement with the right pendant lighting for your home decor. You can keep the pendant lighting very traditional or add a flair for a fun look without breaking the bank.

photo of picture lighting in someone's closet

Use Picture Lighting Over Your Bookshelves

Using picture lighting over your bookshelves is a wonderful way to save space and add interest to your space. Picture lighting works extremely well as bookshelf lighting because of its thin design and bright illumination it offers. Now you can highlight your favorite book series or other home decor items that you store on your bookshelves easily. You can even mount lights on the trim work above the shelves for a nice effect, too.

photo of tall curtains

Install Drapes to Create an Illusion of Windows

Many basements have little to no windows at all, or they have rooms with no windows. However, you can create the look of windows by using LED lights on your walls and then covering the lights with semi-transparent curtains. You'll be amazed at how the amount of lighting simulates daylight, which can improve your mood with just the thought!

photo of space with low ceilings and recessed lighting

Use Recessed Lighting for All Your Low-Ceiling Areas

You really can't beat recessed lighting if you are pressed for space, and since basements tend to have lower ceilings than the rest of your home, you might not have all that much space. By investing in recessed lighting, you'll have ample amounts of lighting that will melt into your ceilings and leave plenty of room for other fixtures and home decor items. You can use LED lights for colors and temperatures, too, making your space as cozy or as utilitarian as suits your needs.

photo of wall scones in an office

Make Sconces As Part of Your Gallery

A great way to spruce up your basement lighting as part of a home renovation is to add wall sconces and incorporate them as part of your photo or art gallery. Wall sconces come in so many decorative designs, sizes, colors, and finishes that they can easily compliment the look you are going for, from modern and traditional to rustic or more eclectic. Wall sconces disperse lighting throughout your space, and they can highlight your wall art, too!


M&M Lighting is a family-owned lighting store that offers the best indoor and outdoor lighting for your home or office space. Not only can our lighting options make your basement sizzle, but we can help with landscape lighting, home accents, ceiling fans, and so much more. Our team of ALA-certified lighting designers has years of experience helping you craft the perfect indoor space for your needs. We offer only the best brands, including American products like Hubbardton Forge and Capital Lighting. We aim to ensure your needs are taken care of, and if we don't have your lighting selection in stock, we can help you find what you are looking for. Our lighting showroom allows you to browse our selection and get a good sense of what the lighting would look like in your space.

If you are looking for basement lighting for a home renovation or any other type of lighting, stop by our lighting showroom in Houston today!

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