1. M&M Storefront 50 years ago

    Benefits of Shopping at M&M Lighting

    We need lighting in order to see; that's a given. However, lighting has evolved from the primitive torch and candle to what we see today, which is a world full of variety that can make your head spin. Here at M&M Lighting, we offer thousands of pieces of the best types of lighting from the best …Read More

  2. How Shopping Our Local Lighting Showroom Helps the Community

    Most people have heard the slogan "shop local" when it comes to their community. However, some people may not understand the importance of shopping locally. M&M Lighting is a top-rated lighting showroom, offering residential and commercial exterior and interior lighting to those in the Houston a…Read More

  3. Moody Black bathroom with gold accents

    How to Use Home Accents

    There's no doubt that the right home accents can truly bring together your space into a cohesive unit that evokes a specific mood and can enrich your life. M&M Lighting is a Houston-based lighting store that offers a variety of home accents you'll love. Below, we'll offer some tips on how to use…Read More

  4. Mug and sweater near wintery window

    How To Use Your Ceiling Fan In The Winter

    Most people know that ceiling fans can help keep them warmer and lower utility bills in the winter. But, they may not know the details of it all. M&M Lighting is a lighting store that has been serving Houston since 1961; below, we'll take a look at how to use your ceiling fan in the winter. Shop…Read More