Are you searching for high-quality ceiling fans that provide stylish air circulation and illumination at the same time? M&M Lighting in Houston has an expansive inventory of lighting fixtures and ceiling fans that are sure to suit your design preferences, lighting needs, and budget. Whether you need a small, medium, or large indoor fan or you are looking for damp- and wet-rated fans that will complement your new outdoor living space, you’ll find everything you need when you shop with us. Check out the articles on ceiling fans below and then browse our online catalog to find your fan today!

  1. 4 Reasons You Need Fans In Your Home

    When the temperatures start to rise, there's nothing more refreshing than a cool breeze blowing through your home. That's why you need fans in your house this summer! Fans can help keep you comfortable and cool while you're relaxing at home. In this blog post, we will discuss four reasons why you ne…Read More

  2. A Guide to Types of Ceiling Fans

    Typically, people don’t spend much of their time thinking about their ceiling fans, but believe it or not, the type of ceiling fans you choose for your home can have a significant impact on the look and feel of each room. Different types of ceiling fans offer different cooling options and aestheti…Read More

  3. Tips for Cleaning Your Ceiling Fan

    Lately, every time you turn on your ceiling fan, you notice particles of dust flying around, and other debris getting knocked off the top of the fan. Gross, right? We think so. Not only does your ceiling fan look better when it’s clean, but it also functions more efficiently and makes the air in y…Read More

  4. How To Shop For Ceiling Fans

    Whether the ceiling fans in your home aren’t working quite as they used to or you’re selecting ceiling fans for a newly constructed office, you’re going to want to ensure you select the right ceiling fans. Unless you’ve done this before, though, you probably have no idea where to start — a…Read More