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In addition to our impressive selection of fans, we also carry light kits, fan controls and fan blades as well. With more than 50 years of experience in the fan and lighting industry, we’re confident you’ll find everything you need, ranging from ceiling fans to chandeliers, at our store.

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Ceiling fans are not only practical for moving the air when your home feels stuffy or to cool you off in the warm, summer months. They are also a simple and great way to visually spruce up the rooms in your home.

When deciding on ceiling fans for rooms in your home, you want to ensure they are the perfect size for the room of your choice. If you get one that is too big, the room will feel smaller, and vice versa. After you determine what room will be getting a new ceiling fan, you can utilize the following guidelines below to take the guessing out of choosing a ceiling fan.

  1. Determine your ceiling height. Take the exact measurements of your room, and on average, the blades of your ceiling fan should be about 8 feet above the ground to be safe for friends and family of all height differences.
  2. Here are some additional ceiling height rules to keep in mind if you opt to install a downrod for your ceiling fan. Keep in mind that these measurements are irrelevant if you opt for a flush mounting (a mount that directly attachesthe fan to the ceiling) rather than a downrod mounting.
      • If your ceiling is 9 feet: room for 6-inch downrod
      • If your ceiling is 10 feet: room for 12-inch downrod
      • If your ceiling is 12 feet: room for 24-inch downrod
      • If your ceiling is 14 feet: room for 36-inch downrod
      • If your ceiling is 16 feet: room for 48-inch downrod
      • If your ceiling is 18 feet: room for 60-inch downrod
      • If your ceiling is 20 feet: room for 72-inch downrod

Pro tip: If you opt for a downrod mounting, make sure you get enough lead wire for the length of your downrod so you can connect your ceiling fan to your power source.

  1. Figure out how big the actual ceiling fan fixture should be, given the dimensions of your room. Either look up or measure how many square feet the room in your home is, and follow these general sizing guidelines:

    • If your room is less than 75 square feet: choose a 29 to 36-inch fan.
    • If your room is between 76 and 144 square feet: choose a 36 to 42-inch fan.
    • If your room is between 144 and 225 square feet: choose a 42 to 49-inch fan.
    • If your room is 225 square feet or bigger: choose a 50 to 54-inch fan.

When it comes to ceiling fans, there are a variety of designs and styles for you to choose from. Whether your house is modern or traditional, our lighting specialists can help you find a ceiling fan for your home or office that matches your personal preference and budget.

Here are some common types of ceiling fans that are seen most often in Houston homes and offices that might work best for your property:

  1. Standard ceiling fans. These are the typical downrod-mounted fans that you see in rooms with ceilings taller than 8 feet.
  2. Hugger fans. These are tightly mounted against the ceiling to accommodate for smaller rooms (usually 7.5 feet tall or shorter).
  3. Ceiling fans with lights. These have lights attached to the fan for maximum functionality.
  4. Outdoor ceiling fans. These fans can be placed outdoors for your outdoor spaces, patios and porches. They typically come in wet or damp location styles, depending on how you plan to utilize the ceiling fan.

A few of the styles we carry at M&M Lighting, both online and in our Houston showroom, include the following:

  • Americana
  • Contemporary Modern
  • Craftsman/Mission
  • Kids
  • Restoration
  • Rustic
  • Traditional
  • Transitional
  • Tropical
  • And more!

These styles of ceiling fans come in a variety of finishes as well, including black, brass, bronze, copper, gold, gray, white and more. No matter what kind of ceiling fan or fan accessories you want, we can connect you with a high-quality, top brand lighting fixture that will last you for years to come.

You can either browse our online catalog for a ceiling fan or come into our Houston lighting showroom to see our brands for yourself. Schedule an appointment with our team of lighting specialists today to find the perfect ceiling fans for your home or office. You can also get additional ceiling fan advice and information from our blog.