Living Room Ceiling Fan

While the ceiling fans of the past may have featured clunky designs and focused on functionality rather than style, modern ceiling fans are attractive, extremely energy efficient and a great addition to any modern living room. Many of these fans also come with light fixtures attached, to help meet your ambient lighting needs.

Depending on the size of your living room, you’ll want to make sure you find a ceiling fan that’ll sufficiently cool the room. For most living rooms a ceiling fan with a diameter of 36 to 42 inches should be sufficient. With large rooms, consider 50 to 54 inches and even multiple fans.

Living Room Chandeliers

Chandeliers are a great lighting centerpiece and can provide some ambient lighting, especially when used in conjunction with recessed ceiling lights.

While the thought of chandeliers usually conjures up images of a massive crystal chandelier in the dining room, modern chandelier design takes a more minimal approach. At MM Lighting, we carry a wide range of chandeliers so you can find the exact style that matches your preferences and the feeling of your living room. 

Living Room Lamps

Lamps are a staple in living room lighting design. Not only do they feature attractive design, but they can be strategically placed to give light to areas where you conduct most of your tasks. 

Remember to always keep your lighting balanced, so it’s generally a good practice to distribute lamps evenly across the room so you aren’t making one side of the room overly bright. From floor lamps to desk lamps and more, MM Lighting has you covered.

Living Room Recessed Ceiling Lighting

Recessed lights are some of the best choices for ambient lighting in your living room. They can be used to fill the gaps that are left by chandeliers and pendant lights. Strategically space your recessed lighting around the room to create a nice, even glow.

You can even use recessed lighting to accent family portraits, architectural features, or unique artwork on the wall by providing a beautiful wall-wash of light.

Living Room Sconces

At MM Lighting, we feature an extensive collection of scone lights that are sure to meet your design preferences. Scones are great fixtures because they can help bring out the character in a particular space when strategically placed.

Sconces can be used as extra task lighting for reading or pure decoration. Get fun and creative with these extremely versatile fixtures!