Finding The Perfect Lighting Solution

Whether you’re searching for an elaborate chandelier to hang above your dining room table, landscape lights to dress up your backyard, basic table lights for your office desk or new ceiling lights for your guest bedroom, we know you’ll be able to find something you’ll love in our lighting showroom.

We have a few things we think you should keep in mind when determining the ideal lighting solution for your home or business.

  • Figure out what your lighting goals are. Do you want to set the mood for an ambient atmosphere, or do you need to have a bright space to be productive? Determine what you want your lighting to accomplish before deciding on any fixtures.
  • Put safety and security at top of mind. This tip is relevant for the interior and exterior of your home.
  • Use multiple light sources to illuminate one space or room. Strategically layer your lighting by using ceiling lights, wall lights and lamps in one space.
  • Think of lights as additional wall or room decor. Lights obviously serve a functional purpose, but don’t just brush them under the rug when you’re decorating your home or office space. Utilize them as additional decoration.
  • Get creative with the types of lighting fixtures you use in each room. If you really want to hang a chandelier in your laundry room or bathroom, we say go for it. There are no pre-set lighting fixtures you have to use in any room, so have some fun when you’re decorating your space.

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All of our sales staff at M&M Lighting is Lighting Associate Certified with the American Lighting Association, so we can offer our in-depth knowledge and expertise when you’re searching for your indoor or outdoor lighting solutions. When it comes to changing up the lighting style in your home or business, you can find residential and commercial lighting options at M&M Lighting.

We have served the Houston area and surrounding communities for more than 50 years, and whether you’re upgrading your lighting or installing it for the first time, we want to be your go-to lighting source.

Choose our lighting store staff to help you with your next home lighting project. For more information, call us at (346) 230-4107 or fill out our online form. We also love meeting our customers face-to-face, so please visit our Houston showroom today!