1. Top Dining Room Light Fixtures (Part 2)

    As we mentioned in the first part of this blog series, nothing adds an impressive factor to your home’s dining room quite like a magnificent, well-placed light fixture does. Your dining room is where a majority of your guests will gather during a get-together, and it’s the room where you’ll sp…Read More

  2. Top Dining Room Light Fixtures (Part 1)

    Nothing adds a “wow” factor to your dining room quite like an impressive light fixture does. Ranging from chandeliers to wall sconces, there are many different interior lights you can choose from to adequately and beautifully light this room in your house best known for hosting guests and sharin…Read More

  3. Smart Lighting 101: What Is It and Do You Need it For Your Home?

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  4. Common Interior Lighting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    Interior lighting is really a mixture of science and art. There is a real skill in getting the lighting just right in a room and creating the right balance of utility and beauty. It's something that our team has studied a lot about, even getting certified by Lightolier and the American Lighting Asso…Read More